Structured Cabling Systems


Structured cabling is the lifeline for the entire Information Technology network and the core competency of INTECH’s Infrastructure Services. It is the foundation on which all other business activities depend. A properly designed, installed, and administered cabling system reduces costs through each phase of its life cycle: installation; moves, adds, and changes; maintenance and administration. The importance of cabling should be neither overlooked nor underestimated.

  • Inferior cabling systems are the cause of up to 70% of network downtime. By installing a standards compliant structured cabling system much of this downtime can be effectively eliminated.
  • Although a structured cabling system will outlive most other networking components, it represents only 5% of the total network investment. A structured cabling system represents a sound investment in the productivity of your company.
  • Cabling is the longest life cycle component of the entire network, outlived only by the building shell. A standards compliant cabling system can “future-proof” your network and guarantee future application support, ensuring that your investment will continue to serve you for the full extent of its life cycle.
  • All copper and fiber optic structured cabling by INTECH Infrastructure Services is performed by certified installation personnel as required by the OEM

  • Category 5e and 6 as well as next generation 10G unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and screened twisted pair (ScTP) for voice, data and video applications.
  • Category 7 fully shielded (SSTP) 600MHz solutions for voice, data and video applications.
  • Fiber Optic Solutions – Horizontal fiber-to-the-desk (FTTD), centralized networking and backbone cabling solutions connecting multiple telecommunications rooms as well as buildings and data center/storage area networks (SAN)